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Conceivably enjoyable games released shock!

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This week's releases are what we like to call a mixed bag. You see, somewhere… there is a bag, and in this bag are things, and we assume these things to be of mixed value and quality. Hence from this we derive 'mixed bag'. We assume that as a bag containing contents of mixed quality, it is some sort of Gucci reject (or whatever the kids are down with) sold via bargain bins at Marks & Spencer. However, the mystery of what occupies the bag will perhaps never be solved. Except in this case, where it's obviously videogames.

Rising to the top of our mysterious bag are a couple of noteworthy PC titles. American Conquest, review to be posted shortly, is warfare on a truly massive scale, both physically and historically. We're sure strategy buffs will be engaging in some conquesting of the Americas shortly, but those self same buffs may also have their eyes on EA's return to the world of Command & Conquer. Generals is due a review today, assuming Rob bothers to get up, but this morning a telegram reached us from Furry Acres, his Guildford based mansion retreat - and the news isn't fantastic. Those of you planning to nip out at lunch and pick it up might want to hold off for a few hours…

On the console front, this week is another deadpan performance, as Game employees lock you in the eye and try so very hard to enthuse about Mary-Kate and Ashley's Sweet 16, but while the PS2 gains Contra (which some will enjoy) this week, across the line, the biggest title is multi-format Beat 'Em Up Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. You can read Kristan's impressions of that here and we'll be dealing with it in more detail soon. That's also out on the GBA, by the way, although we feel some of the effect may be lost there.

And lastly, an update on a bit of slippage. Those of you with GBAs in your pocket (and SPs in your mind) may have been considering a Contra purchase this week, but word reached us yesterday (or rather, we reached it) of a one week slip. You won't be able to pick up The Alien Wars EX - as far as we know - until next Friday, February 21st.

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend, Conquer or Conquest.

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