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EA buys stake in DICE

No 2015 style defection for the Swedes, then

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Having lost its grip on Medal of Honor superstars 2015, (who went to Vivendi of all people with their Vietnam inspired FPS), EA has taken steps to cement its relationship with Swedish Battlefield 1942 developer Digital Illusions, C.E. (or DICE).

The arrangement is described as a "strategic investment and long-term publishing agreement" concerning DICE's videogame output, meaning EA has picked up a minority interest in the studio, and licensed the worldwide publishing rights to everything they do.

"Battlefield 1942 showed us what DICE could do with the right publishing partner for its original IP," says the developer's CEO Patrick Soderlund. "We are a company with tremendous talent, powerful intellectual properties and many ideas for new games. Now, with the financial backing and global publishing reach of Electronic Arts, DICE can focus on becoming a major force in the world of entertainment."

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