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3D Mark 2003 released

More shiny reasons to buy new hardware

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Benchmarkers favourite 3D Mark has been given its traditional annual overhaul, giving hardware boffins the chance to sit around comparing numbers in a new "and even more relevant" suite of tests. As with the previous Marks, this one runs the player through a series of gorgeous game-like sequences - in this case a flight combat showcase, a stroll through nature, a troll hunt and an FPS scene entitled "The Battle of Proxycon". It tests all sorts of other things too, and eventually spits out a number - which you can be assured someone, somewhere, will be able to beat. That's the rule.

Still, it can be helpful in ascertaining just how far off the pace your kit is, even if you don't wet yourself whenever NVIDIA shifts in its seat. As ever, you can download 3D Mark 2003 from FutureMark, although it's 180MB and the server is probably a bit overwhelmed still. Good luck.

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