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Ninty Splinter Cells combine

Hurrah, another use for that dusty GC-GBA cable

Ubi Soft tells us that the GameCube and Game Boy Advance versions of Splinter Cell will be able to link up with one another and swap some sort of data, although amusingly the whole thing is very classified for the time being.

Splinter Cell is due out on various formats this year, having enjoyed immense success on Xbox during its brief spell as an exclusive.

According to the latest Ubi release schedule (dated Monday), the PC version is due out on Feb 28th, with the PS2 version a month later on March 28th. The GC and GBA versions are both still down as First Quarter hopefuls.

However, with the possibility of a link yielding (at a guess) new levels, hardware and so on, there is at least call to wait and see what the deal is before lashing the cash on the PC or PS2 versions.