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O.R.B on collision course with UK

Otherworldly happenings in March

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Mindscape plans to release the rather enjoyable O.R.B (Off World Resource Base), a Homeworld style space RTS, during March for £19.99 in the UK.

Several millennia ago, so the legend goes, a galactic empire (no relation) collapsed after a long and brutal war, and left two orphaned races in the Aldus system to evolve in the belief that they were both unique and alone in the universe. Of course, they were neither unique, nor alone, and soon things start going a bit haywire for the burgeoning civilisations, as their respective forces fight constantly for control of a big asteroid belt that circles their worlds, questing for the precious resources of the title, which are encapsulated within the belt. Darn.

O.R.B is certainly very alluring, visually, as you can see from the many screenshots we have on display.

As you might expect from a space RTS, there's also massive fleet combat with multiple vessels, special units and so forth, and the game is packed with all the usual options - up-to-four-player deathmatch and co-operative play, a big campaign full of scripted and cut sequences, and there's even a campaign editor slung in for added value. All of which is pretty good going for £19.99. We'll be bringing you a review closer to the game's March 4th release date - assuming it doesn't turn out to be March 7th, which is actually a Friday…

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