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No more Army Men on GBA

Sob into your keyboards, children

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3DO has stopped making Army Men games for the GBA, the company has announced in its quarterly conference call for Yank journos. The move is down to appalling sales of most recent GBA games which didn't fit the so-called Triple A bracket. Which is pretty much all of them - even the "exciting" 16-bit conversions which Nintendo famously set up an automated production facility to continue pumping out [stop lying - Ed].

However, we're a bit more upset about it than we thought we'd be. Sure, nobody bought the GBA Army Men games, but Army Men Advance, released in mid-2001, was actually the best Army Men game we've ever played, and 3DO used to pull great dump trucks up to our offices to deliver its latest PSX releases. Daily.

Source: N-Philes

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