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Bad Boys of Blitz

UK dev gets Bay/Bruckheimer licence development

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Last week we told you about Empire's licence to make a Bad Boys II game, and we expressed mild scepticism about the whole thing. Shame on us?

This week, Leamington Spa, UK-based indie developer Blitz Games has announced that it will develop the game for Empire for PS2, Xbox and GameCube, although we've yet to establish whether the PC version of the game mentioned at the time will go ahead under someone else's direction, or whether Blitz are doing it.

Blitz CEO Philip Oliver is of course "looking forward to the opportunity" of working with Empire, although for its part Blitz will apparently "bring a wealth of skills and enthusiasm to the Bad Boys II licence." And Empire's Ian Higgins, who was "very excited" last week at having acquired the licence, is "very happy" to be working with Blitz.

Blitz recent work includes Taz: Wanted and Disney's Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise. Further back they also worked on Xbox launch title Fuzion Frenzy.

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