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Sabotage FPS demo released

I'm tellin' all of y'all - it's Sabotage!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Insane Logics (cute name) has released a demo version of their in-development FPS, Sabotage, featuring levels one (sewers, 80 per cent complete) and five (modern setting at bio-genetic corporation, 50 per cent complete) of the single player game in one sleek 92.1MB package. Available here.

Insane Logics tells us that Sabotage is a First Person Shooter emphasising stealth and infiltration in a futuristic society dominated by large multi-national companies. You play a man sentenced to death, offered the opportunity to be freed in exchange for performing industrial espionage.

There's one last footnote for those of you tempted to give it a spin - the game is nowhere near complete yet. The final game will add much more lighting and texturing, and "blending of animations" to remove some of the characters' stiffness. Also, the balance is sure to be adjusted, but this demo should give you an idea of what's to come.

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