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Square fans take action

Sign a petition! Declare war on shoddy ports!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Who cares about war in Iraq, when there are more pressing issues like Square's blanket refusal to bother doing decent PAL conversions?

Well, now you can take action thanks to a militant German organisation that intends to storm the gates of Square and present its online petition to the dark overlords of the Japanese giant (probably). The petition "demands that Squaresoft improves its strategy on releases in Europe" and pleads for better translations, 60Hz mode, earlier release dates, and even some of the sexy merchandise that those jammy Japs always get to play with.

Knowing how much of a Square nut Tom is, we asked for his considered opinion: "Square has been releasing shoddy ports of its big Japanese blockbusters in Europe for a long time now, because it knows we'll buy them in whatever shape they turn up. But it's time for Square to stop exploiting addicts and start behaving like a responsible drugs company."

Apparently this petition is "really meant seriously" and with around 4,900 signatures, (including Tom's), there are a lot of disgruntled Europeans signing up already. If you want to add your voice to the growing list, head here.

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