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Chojin not good enough for Europe

Critical, ack-lame!

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Microsoft won't be publishing Kakuto Chojin in Europe, the publisher has admitted, after the game met with a poor critical reception in both Japan and the US. Instead, MS will concentrate on first party Beat 'Em Up Tao Feng, which would have been released in the same timeframe.

Senior spokespeople on both sides of the Atlantic have been talking about "focus" and refusing to be steered onto the issue of review scores - which have generally been in the 50s and 60s, and are considered to be the reason behind the decision. 50/60 is no worse than Blinx got from most open-minded reviewers, surely?

However, perhaps it's best for Chojin that we're not let loose on it. The saddest tale we heard all last year was of Tokyo store managers advising punters not to buy an Xbox whilst shooting sideways glances at abandoned Chojin demo units in the rain. As if to say "you've seen that, right?"

Source: C&VG

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