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Play some golf, win some cash

Ah, the old chip-and-change

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Image credit: Eurogamer

GameAccount ("Online games for cash prizes") has launched three new web-based golf titles, giving you the chance to have a quick round for free or play a bit more seriously and earn some cash. Given the somewhat obsessive personalities we're up against around here we can't imagine that's a terribly good thing, but nevertheless!

The three new opportunities to abandon your finances consist of Triple Eagle Giveaway, where players try to get three successive eagles to win an automatic £100, Single Player Tournaments, which are a sort of hot-seating arrangement with players taking it in turns to go round at their own pace and the winner taking £4.50 from a £1 entry fee, and Eagle Jackpot Tournament. This one has a progressive jackpot, apparently, costs 50p to enter and demands only one eagle - on the first hole. Succeed and you get a minimum of ten quid.

So, if that sounds anything like your kind of party, then caddy up and take a gander.

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