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Sonic Adventure remake out soon

So does this mean they've run out of 16-bit remakes?

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"Two new Sonic the Hedgehog games to debut this summer from Sega," the blue blur's American minders have proclaimed. What this actually translates to though is the forthcoming release this May of Sonic Adventure DX - wait for it - "exclusively for Nintendo GameCube", with Sonic Pinball Party shipping in June for GBA.

Exclusively for GameCube? Please! This is, admittedly, the first time that Sega has rehashed the original Sonic Adventure, described as "one of Sonic's biggest Sega Dreamcast blockbusters", but we're not sure the Cube needs him back.

As far as we can tell, the most exciting thing about Sonic Adventure DX is the link cable functionality it will share with Sonic Pinball Party for up to four players. And that remains unexplained.

So, will you buy a three-and-a-half-year-old platform game which wasn't really all that fabulous when it first came out? We shall see, probably within a few months of the American launch in May. As for Pinball Party, we fear it may slip into obscurity along with so many of its GBA based brethren...

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