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Want to pay the Buffalo bill?

Publishers, punters: walk this way for your first look at Gumshoe

Young British developer Hiding Buffalo is looking for a publisher for its 1930s film noir inspired American adventure. The game sees the player take on the old-school role of a private detective working for a variety of clients solving crime novel style puzzles, adopting a style of gameplay the developer is only too willing to remind us eschews the fantasy and sci-fi conventions of the industry.

Gumshoe has already helped Hiding Buffalo to victory in the 2002 'Dare to be Digital' competition, which challenges groups of students to create new and original digital content - in under ten weeks. Gumshoe was recognised "thanks to its unusual concept, naturalistic dialogue system, innovative gameplay and episodic approach". "The Dare to be Digital experience matures a team very rapidly," according to products director Torfi Gunnarsson. "Working to extremely tight deadlines makes everyone realise the pressures which are faced daily by companies throughout the games industry." That's right chaps, and you don't even know the pain of working with a clumsy, tight-fisted publisher yet!

Still, the team is hoping to attract an interested party, in order to get Gumshoe published on PC, and perhaps PS2 and Xbox. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the company on 07905 596610, or visit www.hidingbuffalo.co.uk.