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BYGames launches £2/month deal

Update: 840 minutes of server time for everyone, soon

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Blueyonder's multi-player gaming service bygames will give you 840 minutes of private server time for just £2 per month, as long as you're an existing BY customer (broad or narrowband). This is equivalent to the old "Elite" subscription, which was the most expensive and best serviced option.

Each month, account holders will be topped back up to 840 minutes (as opposed to having another 840 slung on top?), allowing players to book their own private server (for clan matches, weddings and other functions) for that long across the month. Subscribing will also give players access to the web based game server booking and launching system.

Haven't a clue about bygames? They suggest you read up, and then register.

For existing users, bygames advises that all previous subscriptions will be reduced to the new rate. Plus, current subs won't lose any of their existing game server minutes - but a monthly top up will occur if they fall below 840 minutes. Aw.

Update: Since this story went up, we've been advised that bygames' service will be available to everyone (i.e. not just BY customers) very soon.

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