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FFX-2 controller unveiled

We want these in Europe, for gawd's sake

Yuna may have abandoned dignity and integrity for hot pants in her second outing, but Square has given her a dashing pair of guns to make up for it [oh do stop it - Ed]. And now Hori, in association with Square, is preparing to give you her dashing pair of guns, in order to control the game.

Well, not you obviously, unless you happen to live in Japan, but, assuming it's any good, if this doesn't turn up in Europe then we expect at least some sort of backlash (riots, preferably).

The idea behind the "Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna's Tiny Bee" gun controller is not to provide light gun thrills (note incompatibility with GCon2), but to replicate the functions of the Dual Shock 2 - left gun for left half and right gun for right half. You hold the two guns in your hand as you play, although it's not clear how the controller works exactly - we are told that Yuna will cap her enemies as you pull the triggers in battle, however.

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Source: The Magic Box