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Sega announces OD Program

No no no, "Online Developer"

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Image credit: Eurogamer, the entirely ethereal organisation formed out of leftover bytes in Sonic CDs, has announced a new Online Developer Program aimed at bringing little known but ingenious PC titles to a wider audience - via the interweb!

The first title to enjoy the benefits of the ODP is Oceanus Communications' Legacy Online, which was known as Star Peace, according to GameSpot, when it was once on the books of French publisher Monte Cristo. It's a massively multi-player online economic strategy game about building a successful capitalist empire through business skills.

" is committed to providing gamers with quality content and technology they have come to expect from Sega, be it online or wireless gameplay," said Ryoichi Shiratsuchi, CEO, skilfully cutting Sonic Adventure DX Cube and its ilk out of his statement. " is pleased to be kicking off its Online Developer Program by working with Oceanus in delivering a compelling and unique MMOG, as the popularity and demand of these types of games continues to flourish." Legacy Online is due out in March.

It's wishful thinking, sure, but through the OD Program, Eurogamer really hopes to see the long forgotten art of bedroom programming rise to importance once again. Wouldn't it be fun to see a homemade strategy title outstripping the latest shoddy film license to appear on seventy different platforms? Ah, one day...

Source: GameSpot

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