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UT2003 bonus pack today!

Updated Five maps, 195MB

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UT2003 developer Digital Extremes has updated its website with the news that the UT2003 bonus pack will be released sometime today! A full list of mirrors will apparently be placed here, so you can all just refresh that endlessly until the yanks are wide awake again, we suppose.

Anyway, the contents of the pack are quite promising. Five new maps are included: three deathmatch maps ( Grendelkeep, Ironic and Osiris - click for screenshots), two CTF offerings (LavaGiant2 and ElecFields) and a double (ElecFields) masquerading as another Bombing Run arena.

We'll update this item when the pack is released. It will weigh in at 195MB according to DE and will be available as a UMOD and an archive.

: As promised, you can download the zip and umod versions of the pack.

Source: Blue's News (cheers Errol)

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