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Black Hawk Demo


NovaLogic do enjoy promoting Black Hawk Down. Not content with releasing a multi-player demo late last year, followed by a single player demo earlier this month, the publisher has announced plans to release - gasp! - an official single and multi-player demo on February 4th!

The demo will - yet again for reasons unexplained - appear exclusively on www.nvidia.com, "with key mirror sites becoming available from February 7th onwards" (or from February 4th knowing the people behind those "key mirror sites" as we do). It comprises two maps: a single-player outing called "Diplomatic Immunity", the objective being to recapture a UN building behind held by Habr Gadir militia; and a multi-player, CTF effort called "Bridge over the Jubba River".

Highlights of the multi-faceted demo will be insertion by MH-6 helicopter transports, and extensive use of hand gestures and so on to direct squad mates, taunt enemies and scratch one's backside.

Or, if you can't be bothered to wait, both previous demos are available here.

Black Hawk Down itself is due out on March 28th.