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Free link with Bobble

Multi GBA

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Image credit: Eurogamer

On the face of it, Bubble Bobble Old and New on the GBA doesn't really need any gimmicks to sell. Heck, we'd buy it on the strength of the name. But publisher Empire obviously feels that in the climate of thrift which apparently grips all GBA owners at the moment (unless, heaven forbid, they simply won't buy into repackaged ports for the remainder of the console's life?), it makes sense to offer a little incentive.

Then again, are 100 levels of bubble mayhem not incentive enough? Does not the promise of capturing your enemies in bubbles and then popping them with your spiky back leave your wallet jangling in anticipation? Does the knowledge that without your help a beautiful damsel may never be rescued not pull like a JCB on your purse strings?

So anyway, they've thrown in a free multiplayer link cable. Presumably of the two-player variety. Which is jolly nice of them! Even more surprising perhaps is the game's relatively unorthodox price tag - a positively justifiable £19.99, eschewing convention in favour of logic. After all, who's going to pay 30 squid for a Bubble Bobble remake? At 20 pounds including a link cable, it's what our chums from across the pond like to call "a no-brainer".

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