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Nintendo poll on Metroid movie

Who would you cast as Samus?

In the best traditions of the Internet, we offer "props" to N-Philes, who dredged up this little titbit secreted on the bottom right of's front page. It's a poll, which asks, "If you were casting a Metroid movie, who would star as Samus Aran?"

The four possible answers are Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, and Sarah Wynter. A decision made all the more easy for us in that we've never heard of Sarah Wynter, barely seen Jennifer Garner and find Cameron Diaz annoying. Alba it is then!

The current results put our angelic starlet in second place with over 31 per cent, while Diaz pulls ahead with nearly 35. Garner sits on nearly 23 per cent, and clearly we weren't alone in our ignorance of Ms. Wynter's work, as she languishes on a measly 11 per cent.

Source: N-Philes