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Pitfall resurrected

Harry here!

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Activision has plucked Pitfall from its archives in an attempt to score an easy success on the current generation of gaming consoles. The game is to be developed by Edge of Reality (one of the teams who worked on The Sims for PS2, oddly), and will star Pitfall Harry on another adventure, this time in a race against his main rival through the South American jungle.

There will be "50 perilous levels including lush rain forests, creature-ridden caves and vast glacial mountains," Activision's clichéd game template reads. And, we can exclusively reveal, it's very likely that there will be swamp and lava levels, too!

As you might expect, Pitfall Harry (which appears to be the name they're using) will be available in time for Christmas 2003.

Source: TeamXbox

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