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Poptastic Dancing Stage MegaMix line up

Elvis and The Cure head up an eclectic track list

Clearly us Brits are almost as obsessed with dancing games as much as those crazy Japs, judging by the fact that two of Konami's PSone Dancing Stage titles are currently occupying the UK's Top 10 at a time when PSone titles are generally pointed at and laughed at by cruel children, who cross the street to avoid them.

With this in mind, they'll be quite a number of the bouncier gamers among you quite excited to learn that the likes of Ms Dynamite, Elvis Vs JXL, Kylie Minogue and The Sugababes [Yes! - Rauper] are heading up the ten strong line up of the PS2's first Dancing Stage title - due out in May.

The game sports a number of modes; including a port of the arcade game, practice with tracks of your choice, or tutorial, while the popular 'Calorie Counter' returns, allowing users to view their energy burn while they play. Cool; chomp on a deep fried Snickers before you play and burn it all off, guilt free with a bit of rhythm action tomfoolery.

Actually, scrub that. The last time EG attempted a spot of dance mat action, we were spiked with Absinth and the consequences were ugly. Anyway, here's the confirmed track list, thus far, with more to be announced in the coming months.

Ms Dynamite's - 'It Takes More'

Elvis Vs JXL's - 'A Little Less Conversation'

The Sugababes - 'Freak Like Me'

Christina Milian's 'When You Look at Me'

The Cure - The Love Cats'

Kylie Minogue - 'Love at First Sight.'

MegaMix will also feature 21 original tracks created by members of Konami's many Japanese development studios. And knowing how good the music is on the likes of Pro Evolution, we can hardly wait…

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