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Aces High II announced

Aces higher

Aces are to be High for the second time in Q3 2003, HiTech Creations has written to inform us. Aces High II: Tour of Duty aims to capitalise on its predecessor's success as "the most popular massively multiplayer online flight simulator on the market".

And Aces buffs will no doubt be pleased with the list of promised changes: new graphics, terrain, physics, damage, interface, and a host of other improvements. Online play will be split between old and new, with some running the original ("fast paced arenas with an emphasis on player vs. player combat") and some running the "revolutionary new Tour of Duty".

Tour of Duty is less of a deathmatch and more of a co-op by the sound of it, with players creating a character who follows a career path through the second World War, on whichever side. Characters will receive promotions and medals, demotions and even court-martials depending on their performance.

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