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Pool of the State

Unsigned pool title cued up for console and PC

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Image credit: Eurogamer

UK based Graphic State, whose previous titles include GBA titles Star X and ZooCube, has announced that its pool simulation, the excitingly named Extreme Pool, has been completed. The developer is now looking around in earnest for licensing, publishing and distribution partners.

Extreme Pool prides itself on three things: realistic, high-resolution visuals, diverse game modes and accurate physics. You can see what they mean by high-res visuals in this first batch of screenshots, and in terms of game modes, we're promised a proper career option, various tournament presets and of course custom tourney and practice modes. Not to mention up-to-eight-player multi.

The physics are slightly harder to grasp from screenshots and PR fluff, but the game is built on Graphic State's Prophet engine, which features "detailed physics and friction modelling, as well as ray-traced reflections, shadows and lighting systems".

The game will hopefully appear on PS2, GameCube and PC some day soon. If any interested publishers/disties are doing the rounds, they are encouraged to contact the developer's representative, Harry Holmwood at Heldhand [not Peter Piper at Pepper Palace? - Ed] on 01892 652314 or

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