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Acclaim buys rights to Alias

To be developed in the UK

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Acclaim has bought the rights to Alias, Disney's spy gal TV series, and has announced that its Cheltenham, UK studio will develop the game. It's not clear how much Acclaim spent on the license, nor whether it lasts beyond the first title. The game is due out in "fall" 2003 across all three so-called next gen platforms.

As you might expect, Alias will be a third person action adventure starring the series lead Sydney Bristow, (student by day, CIA agent by night), who will have to employ martial arts, stealth and gadgets in typical secret agent style. And as with the TV series there'll be a shady "or so she thinks" storyline driving the action.

Acclaim Cheltenham has previously worked on a slew of racers and racer ports for its owners. Futuristic racer Extreme G, its sequel and Paris-Dakar Rally are amongst their titles.

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