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MOO3 is golden

...and available soon, says Infogrames

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It's been a long time coming, but the third in the Master Of Orion series has officially gone gold, with strategy gamers everywhere dancing a jig at the news that Infogrames has earmarked an early 2002 release date. Clearly that should've read 'early 2003', but hey, we're still in January so we'll forgive the typo.

Unveiled at last year's E3 to "universal acclaim", Master Of Orion 3 ups the ante by giving players control an entire galactic civilisation, with dictators, presidents, councillors and overlords "mere pawns" as you secure the destiny of their civilisation.

The latest in the popular series boasts "new and improved tactical combat", an enhanced player interface with "real-time rotating 3D star map and solar system display", with various ways to conquer the game, via Military, Economic, or Political means.

Rob's just bagged our preview copy, so expect to read all about his thoughts on the game in the near future, providing he doesn't decide to nip off to Japan in the next few weeks.

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