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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Starsky & Hutch case file

"Not just another driver/shooter". Honest.

With mission based driving games still hogging the nation's charts, one based on the big haired '70s crime fighting dudes Starsky & Hutch could either be the worst game ever made or a stroke of genius.

Split up into 18 levels, with over 15 square miles of Bay City to explore, the game demands that the player keeps the TV viewer rating (VR) high, meaning you're expected to pull off some insane driving "performing corner slides and ploughing through every cardboard box infested alley". Sounds a bit Stuntman-esque to us.

But the potentially interesting thing about this one is its light gun support for a second player (PS2 only), which enables one player to do the driving and one to carry out the duties of putting caps in baddies arses. In the absence of a human participant, the computer assumes the role of the shooter.

To add a touch of authenticity Antonio Fargas, the "ultra cool" Huggy Bear provides voiceovers, but no sign of David Soul or Paul Michael Glaser, sadly.

We haven't had a hands on as yet, but with the Mind's Eye (of Sheep fame) developed driver/shooter pencilled in for an April release on PS2, Xbox and PC (with GameCube/GBA versions following in Q3) it won't be long before we can cast our critical gaze over its, hopefully, fine wares.

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