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Ikaruga heading to US and Europe

And now they've sent us the correct PR

Treasure's masterful vertical shoot 'em up Ikaruga will appear during April in the US and Europe, Infogrames, sorry, 'Atari' has announced. This after representatives in the UK admitted that it might be out within "the next few months".

Ikaruga's story is a long and complicated one. After producing Radiant Silvergun for the Saturn (one of the best shoot 'em ups of our time, and worth its weight in gold on eBay), Treasure announced a port of the arcade Ikaruga for Dreamcast last year, and importers in the US scrambled to pick up allocations of the limited release title.

But once released it became apparent that the gaming masses (over here at least) had all sold their Dreamcast in apparent fits of madness, and demands were made for a port to a "current" console. Soon enough, Infogrames made a deal with Treasure to bring the delightful shooter to GameCube, and we've been on tenterhooks about a Western release ever since.

Now we've got one, the only question around here is who gets our review copy...