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Minter and Molyneux join forces

The result? Unity

Jeff Minter's Llamasoft and Peter Molyneux's Lionhead are collaborating on a GameCube title called, appropriately enough, Unity. Described as "a fabulous journey through a succession of beautiful abstract 3D spaces, with gameplay varying in tempo, from fast paced shooting to a more gentle progression," it sounds like the sort of gamer's game that Rez set out to be. Audio, it is said, will be closely linked with the game's pace and tempo and "will be an integral part of the playing experience."

The terms of the agreement mean that Minter's Welsh studio will handle the day to day development, while Lionhead's resources, including audio, game testing, production and - ahem - PR, will be made available to the developer.

"Jeff Minter is one of the people that inspired me to get into the industry," says Molyneux. "I queued along with everyone else in the 80's to get his autograph and even considered getting a Llama!"

Minter returned the compliment, saying "I am very happy indeed finally to be able to talk about this excellent collaboration between Llamasoft and Lionhead which will allow me to work on what is basically my dream project," adding that "I believe that together we can produce something truly extraordinary."

The firms' mutual press release was very careful not to use the term "exclusive" in describing Unity's relationship with the Cube, but as yet we've heard nothing about any possible ports for the future.

Anyway - if Unity doesn't stimulate Cube sales in the UK, then perhaps nothing will.