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V-Rally behind GameCube

Screenshots and release date

As first observed in the publisher's Cube release schedule, Infogrames is bringing V-Rally 3 to GameCube, after the relative success of the PS2 version last year. An Xbox version was announced last month and is due out in April.

As with the Xbox version, Infogrames is puffing out its chest and proclaiming that with this Cube incarnation ("a much different and refined experience"), developer Eden Studios offers "two real innovations". Surprise, surprise, the focus is on handling and special effects. It's due out in June.

Infogrames' Larry Sparks offered: "The great work done on the handling and in-game special effects gives V-Rally 3 its own distinctive identity on Xbox." What? They can recycle the same PR a month later and we can't trot out the same quote?