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BF1942 patch soon, not now

Chinese whispers

EA has removed a version 1.3 patch for Battlefield 1942 from its Taiwanese web site after the 47MB pre-release update was accidentally posted and made available for download. Word spread through BF1942 forums and chat channels and for several hours on Saturday it was flying every which way.

However, after several PC news sites picked up on it, the game's associate producer Jamil Dawsari set the record straight. "Sorry for the confusion, but our colleagues at EA Taiwan have inadvertantly posted an old, work-in-progress version of the patch," he said. "That version was sent to them for review, but not for posting. We are still nailing down some issues, which are in that version, and the official version has yet to be finalised.

"So, the official release won't be compatible with the version released by EA Taiwan. This is because the executable will most likely be changed to address the issues we're currently working on."

Jamil tells us that the official 1.3 patch will be out soon, but that after the furore surrounding version 1.2, the firms involved only plan to tell fans about new releases when they are ready.

Source: Blue's News