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Further Jedi Knight sequel planned

During Activision's fiscal year 2004

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IGN listened in on "Activision's extremely boring and ridiculously long quarterly conference call" and heard that a new Jedi Knight game is among "various Star Wars products" in the works. The next chapter in Kyle's saga is due out in the 2004 fiscal year (April 2003 to March 2004). DOOM III is also due out between those dates.

As IGN goes on to point out, nobody in the US will confirm anything. LucasArts "simply can't", while Activision shrugged off responsibility despite having just told the world about it for the first time. "This is Lucas's deal," a spokesperson reportedly said in telling US journos to naff off.

So, we should know more when LucasArts tells us, unless Activision gets bored and decides to gossip some more in the near future. Key question marks hang over the developer and storyline.

Source: IGN

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