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Factor 5 has two games underway

And we'll see the fruits of their labours before E3

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Factor 5 has been very quiet since it shipped the phenomenal Rogue Leader at the end of 2001, but a recent GDC developer bio stated that the company has two projects in the works, triggering a lot of interest from fans.

Yesterday, Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht responded to questions on the subject, telling IGN that "we always have several projects in development" and that "if any of those titles come to fruition, that's another story." Eggebrecht obviously refused to be drawn on specifics - including whether the games would be Cube exclusives.

When asked how long it would be before fans caught sight of Factor 5's work though, Eggebrecht was more overt. "Soon. Very soon. Definitely before E3," he said, before admitting that his "publishers" wouldn't appreciate it if he said anything else.

Source: IGN

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