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Treasure to develop Gradius V

Ok now we're interested

When Konami announced plans to recycle another of its old school franchises at its Gamers' Day in San Francisco, we couldn't honestly have cared less. A fifth Gradius game, eh? A couple of screenshots and a sparsely detailed press release later and we couldn't really work out whether we should get excited at all - what could possibly raise Gradius V above its rivals?

The answer, of course, is Treasure. According to Konami, who for some reason forgot to mention this at the time, Gradius V is in the capable hands of the series' original developer - and the maker of such titles as Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga. Heck, Nintendo even has them beavering away on Wario's Cube debut.

Given Treasure's presence on the project, at the very least we can expect a bit of ingenuity and a typically addictive play model. Thank goodness, because a fifth Gradius game in anybody else's hands could turn into a farce...