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Koei fleshes out fourth Dynasty


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Koei has revealed more of what makes Dynasty Warriors 4 different. Musou mode returns in better shape than ever, promising multiple storylines, plot events and endings. You'll be able to select from one of three forces (Shu, Wu or Wei) and change character in each stage - your decision will be reflected in the course of the game, suggesting massive replayability thanks to the broad selection of characters.

Other changes seem to focus on your offensive capabilities. Charging has been overhauled; with one-hit charge and combo charges now strategically different (you can even extend a combo by continuing to tap charge after your bloke has started going nuts, depending on the strength of your character and his weapon that is). Meanwhile, you can now perform a jump charge (unleashes an energy wave, although it leaves you defenceless while charging), you can dismount your house (when it's not moving), you can shout your name (to frighten weaker enemies) and you can also deflect enemy attacks back onto the attacker.

All of which sounds jolly good. Meanwhile somewhat closer to home, Koei has recently announced plans to open a European publishing arm. Dynasty Warriors 4 could be one of the first titles the publisher delivers - and it might not be long. The Japanese version, Shin Sangoku Musou 3, is due out on February 27th.

Source: The Magic Box

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