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Bond comes to GBA

Let's hope it's better than the PC version

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Image credit: Eurogamer

James Bond is to make his long awaited debut on the GBA, in a first person shooter that apparently "delivers all-out Bond-style intensity" on the handheld system.

Pierce Brosnan's mug will feature in the game for the first time, while the game lets you "go higher and deeper than any previous Bond game both in locales and gameplay" - whatever that means.

Set across nine levels set in "exotic locations worldwide", Nightfire features upgradeable Q-lab gadgets, "advanced" camera system, and "zero gravity assignments".

Developed by JV Games, EA plans to have its first handheld Bond game out in time for the spring - and played on the new GBA SP this stands a reasonable chance of being "quite" good. But how many of you will be willing to part with £35 for the privilege.

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