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Devs add colour adjustment to GBA titles

About time, or a confusing mess?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Square has taken the unusual step of adding colour adjustment options to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, the tactical RPG which will launch on the same day as Game Boy Advance SP in Japan.

The new colour tweaking option will boast three different settings: Liquid Crystal A (suitable for the original GBA and GBA SP with the light disengaged), Liquid Crystal B (for users of the GBA SP with backlight), and Television (for use with the Game Boy Player peripheral).

There is no automatic check for any of the above, so this manual option will have to be set every time the game is started. Or it's possible Square will offer a save settings feature, or just make you choose when the game is booted up.

Commentators expect other developers to follow Square's lead in the coming months by adding this sort of functionality to their games. Which might put an end to this sort of thing for poor old Nintendo. Although we hope it doesn't.

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