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CS 1.6 released, then not

Good one

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Valve has finally released Counter-Strike version 1.6, only to pull it several hours later due to the unexpected stress it placed on their content delivery server at

"The Counter-Strike and Team Fortress communities have maxed out the Steam 2.0 beta servers, resulting in the temporarily suspension of admission to the beta as more content servers are put online. The current Steam content servers offer over 500 megabits of bandwidth, all of which the community is consuming right now," we are told. So apparently it's our fault that Valve has confined this release to a glitchy download service nobody really wants which subsequently broke. Terrific.

So I guess we're all still waiting. You can't keep up with the story at (Connection refused), nor the publisher's site (out of date). Fortunately, is still vaguely aware of the internet, so if you're a CS fan with a hankering for 1.6, that seems to be your best bus stop.

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