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Cube never had Capcom 5 exclusivity

Capcom representatives blushingly apologise for misleading the planet

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Capcom has denied that five recently announced GameCube titles are exclusive to Nintendo's console. Speaking to journalists at its annual Gamers' Day event in Las Vegas this week, Capcom representatives said that with the exception of Resident Evil 4, which is bound solely to the Cube, the games, dubbed the "Capcom Five", may or may not be ported to other platforms in the future. They cited a "miscommunication" with the media, although apparently had no idea just how important the distinction was to fans.

However, the most unfortunate victim of this "miscommunication" is surely Nintendo, who had viewed the five games - Resident Evil 4, Viewitful Joe, Dead Phoenix, Killer 7 and Product Number 03 - as a major coup for the console, which flagged badly this Christmas in the absence of any triple A software launches.

In the meantime, Konami has used its Gamers' Day to issue a release announcing its 2003 line-up for the US, but the rumoured announcement of five or more exclusive Cube titles is absent at the time of writing. Can today get any worse for Nintendo?

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