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Xbox PSO in March?


Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II could launch alongside Xbox Live on March 14th, Sonic Team's Yuji Naka has hinted.

Although no firm announcement has been made, the Xbox version of the game is thought to be ready and raring to go, and could launch simultaneously in the US and Europe.

In the US, the Cube version appeared in October in limited quantities, and analysts reckon it enjoyed reasonable success, despite the aggregated costs of network adapters, keyboard based controllers and the game itself.

Unlike the Cube version though, the Xbox release will integrate voice communication features, and also introduces a new character. However, fans are likely to be less enthused if Sega opts to demand a further subscription fee on top of the cost of the Xbox Live service - something, reports suggest, that the publisher is seriously considering.

PSO has already launched on the Xbox in Japan, where it was bundled with the Xbox Live starter kit for 6,800 yen (about €55). Xbox Live launched in the region last Thursday.