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Bits pursues Vendetta against PS2

Run, run for the hills!

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Forty quid seemed like a lot for Bits' rather rubbish Cube FPS Die Hard Vendetta, particularly when the much better Die Hard Trilogy could be had on PSone for a fiver in most bargain bins. However, that hasn't stopped Bits Studios teaming up with NDA Productions (Vivendi pretending not to be Vivendi to boost sales) to rattle off a PS2 port this year - with a multiplayer mode thrown into the bargain.

The multiplayer won't take gamers online, but it does allow for 2-4 players in split screen, with 100 different characters (who will be the same in all but appearance, naturally) and 14 arenas spanning several game modes, of which we know just deathmatch and 'King of the Hill' so far. Some new weapons will be thrown in, as will limited availability weapons from the single player game, like boxing gloves, and paintball and miniguns.

Bits CEO Foo Katan is understandably "extremely excited" by the port, which will be available "later this year".

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