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Praetorians demo released

From the chaps behind Commandos

Commandos developer Pyro Studios has released a demo of their latest project, the Roman Republic-era war game Praetorians. Set in the final years of the Republic, Praetorians gives you command of Caesar's legions in an ongoing battle to displace the Gauls, the Egyptians and treacherous Roman factions. There will be more than 20 missions in the full game, along with the occasional chance to command the armies of Gaul and Egypt, and each conflict will be based on an actual period battle. Perhaps the most revealing thing about Praetorians is that there is no building/resource model - it's all about the combat. As such, the entire map and its features are visible from the start, but enemies only appear when your troops have clear line of sight.

The demo, which weighs in at a handsome 75.6MB, is available from here (mirror) and is for single players only.