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DE to patch Unreal Champs

Xbox Live augmentation

It may be slightly harsh to say it, but Unreal Championship seemed to be the most likely candidate for patching when we got our hands on the first Xbox Live titles. Whether it's to do with the developer, the franchise, the haste with which they had to put it together or how it felt to play, something told us we'd be reporting on this sooner or later.

It's clear from this forum post from Digital Extremes' Pancho Eekels that they are just as keen on supporting Champs as they would be for any other title. Early exploits (centring on the stat system, which allowed players to endlessly boost their rankings by playing bots, and split screen and map breach problems) will be dealt with first, and DE is also planning to give players an anti-aliasing toggle (a button combination most likely) to try and help with frame rate problems, which are a symptom of the bots hogging all the CPU and polygon-wasting overdraw, and to tweak the voice communications to minimise lag.

As Pancho put it, "I hope that these things will ease your mind, although I am sure you are just as impatient as me and can't wait to get this stuff in there." It shouldn't be long now.