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Nintendo's European dates for 2003

Cube/GBA - including firm Metroid Prime and Zelda dates!

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In addition to the exciting news this morning about Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo has also confirmed a few key release dates for upcoming Cube software, and confirmed some of the GBA titles we've most been looking forward to. And as much as we like reeling it off to you like a third rate Peter Sissons, we'd be here all day, so without further delay, here are Nintendo's current release schedules for GameCube and GBA over the next year.

Highlights include Metroid Prime on March 21st and Zelda on May 3rd.

2003 GameCube Releases -

January -

Blood Omen 2 (Eidos) - 24th

VIP (Ubi Soft) - 30th

Outlaw Golf (TDK)

Robotech - Battlecry (TDK)

Bounty Hunter (Lucas Arts)

Evolution Skateboarding (Konami)

February -

Evolution World/NEO (Ubi Soft) - 6th

Super Bust A Move All Stars/3000 (Ubi Soft) - 20th

Rolling (Rage) - 28th

Paris Dakar 2 (Acclaim) - 28th

Disney Sports Skateboarding (Konami)

Pac Man World 2 (Namco/EA)

Super Monkey Ball 2 (Infogrames/SEGA)

Rally Championship (Sales Curve)

Darkened Skye (TDK)

Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius (THQ)

Battle Bots (THQ)

Summoner 2: A Goddess Reborn (THQ)

Rugrats Royal Ransom (THQ)

Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc (Ubi Soft)

March -

Shaun Murray's Pro Wakeboarder (Activision) - 1st

Resident Evil 0 (Capcom) - 7th

Phantasy Star Online (Infogrames/SEGA) - 7th

Metroid Prime (Nintendo) - 21st

City Racer (Ubi Soft) - 27th

Zapper (Infogrames)

Batman - Dark Tomorrow (Kemco/Kotobuki)

RTX Red Rock (Lucas Arts)

Disney Sports Basketball (Konami)


Monsters Inc. Scream Arena (THQ)

ET Search for Dragora (Ubi Soft)

Tom & Jerry (Ubi Soft)

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (Ubi Soft)

Q1 -

Celebrity Deathmatch (Gotham Games/Take 2)

NFL 2K3 (Infogrames)

NHL 2K3 (Infogrames)

Skies of Arcadia (Infogrames)

Monopoly Party (Infogrames)

Racing Simulation 3 (Ubi Soft)

Freeky Flyers (Midway)

April -

Def Jam Vendetta (EA) - 4th

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (Eidos)

Drome Racers (Lego/EA)

Island Xtreme Stunts (Lego/EA)

Conflict: Desert Storm (Sales Curve)

WWE Crush Hour (THQ)

May -

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Nintendo) - 3rd

NBA Street Vol 2 (EA)

Gladius (Lucas Arts)

Enter the Matrix (Infogrames)

Dragon's Lair 3D (THQ)

Shrek Super Party (TDK)

June -

Wario World (Nintendo)

GALIDOR: Defenders of the Outer Dimension (Lego/EA)

Q2 -

Castleween (Wanadoo)

X-Men Wolverine's Revenge (Activision)

NBA 2K3 (Infogrames)

Crashed (Rage)

Twin Caliber (Rage)

Futurama (Sales Curve)

The Great Escape (Sales Curve)

Lost Kingdoms II (Activision)

August -

WWE Wrestlemania X9 (THQ)

September -

BIONICLE: Mask of Light (Lego/EA)

Q3 -

Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 - Raven Shield (Ubi Soft)

XIII (Ubi Soft)

Q3/Q4 -

F-Zero (Nintendo)

Mario Golf (Nintendo)

1080° Avalanche (Nintendo)

Mario Kart (Nintendo)

October -

Sphinx (THQ)

Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo (THQ)

November -

Scooby Doo (THQ)

December -

Power Rangers Ninja Force (THQ)

Q4 -

Lamborghini (Rage)

Golf (Studio 3)

The Last Ninja (Studio 3)

Scary Tales 2003 (Wanadoo)

2003 -

Pikmin 2 (Nintendo)

Tankers (Titus)

Rubu Tribe (Virgin)

2003 Game Boy Advance Releases -

January -

Pinball of the Dead (Infogrames) - 10th

Micromachines (Infogrames) - 17th

Titeuf (Infogrames) - 17th

Taxi 3 (Ubi Soft) - 30th

Iron Man (Activision)

ATARI Anniversary (Infogrames)

ISS Advance (Konami)

February -

Bratz Dolls (Ubi Soft) - 6th

Shining Soul (Infogrames) - 7th

Medal of Honour Underground Expo (Ubi Soft) - 13th

Disney Sports Skateboarding (Konami)

Frogger Adventure 2: The Lost Wand (Konami)

Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc (Ubi Soft)

March -

Super Cross 2002 (Ubi Soft) - 13th

Toca Touring (Ubi Soft) - 13th

Formula One (Ubi Soft) - 13th

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo) - 28th

Super Monkey Ball (SEGA/Infogrames)

Sonic Advance 2 (SEGA/Infogrames)

Phantasy Star Chronicles (SEGA/Infogrames)

Disney Sports Basketball (Konami)

Disney Sports Snowboarding (Konami)

Muppets (TDK)

Q1 -

Road Rash Jailbreak (Ubi Soft)

Disney Princesses (THQ)

GT Advance 3 (THQ)

F1 2002 (Zoo Digital Publishing)

Freekstyle (Zoo Digital Publishing)

Medal of Honour Underground (Ubi Soft)

Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed (Ubi Soft)

Road Rash Jailbreak (Ubi Soft)

Boulder Dash EX (Kemco)

Kid Klown in Crazy Chase (Kemco)

April -

NBA 2002 (Ubi Soft) - 10th

Kirby (Nintendo)

Pro Beach Soccer (Wanadoo)

May -

Wario Ware (Nintendo)

Need for Speed (Ubi Soft) - 13th

June -

GALIDOR: Defenders of the Outer Dimension (Lego/Electronic Arts)

Q2 -

Kirby (Nintendo)

Wario Ware (Nintendo)

X-Men Wolverine's Revenge (Activision)

Q2/Q3 -

Sim City 2000 (Zoo Digital Publishing)

September -

BIONICLE: Mask of Light (Lego/Electronic Arts)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Return of the Dark King (THQ)

The Simpsons Road Rage (THQ)

Q3 -

Golden Sun 2 (Nintendo)

Advance Wars 2 (Nintendo)

Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire (Nintendo)

October -

Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo (THQ)

Sphinx (THQ)

November -

Scooby Doo (THQ)

December -

Power Rangers Ninja Force (THQ)

Q4 -

Final Fantasy Tactics (Nintendo)

Super Mario Advance 4 (Nintendo)

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