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CM4/demo release date

Festive cheer for armchair Wengers

Sports Interactive MD Miles Jacobson has delivered his festive address to the SIGames.com faithful, revealing that the second issue of ChampMan magazine will be released on February 14th with a cover-mounted CM4 demo. Furthermore, Miles tentatively highlights February 28th as the game's UK release date. Regional releases in Germany, France, Holland, Spain and South East Asia should only take a few days to catch up.

Is the date likely to change? As likely as any other, apparently, because as Miles points out "a lot can go right and wrong in the run up to a game release, and it's impossible to predict exactly what will happen, but those are the dates we are working towards at the moment".

The "Christmas speech" also confirms that "Eastside [Hockey Manager] should see the light of day towards the end of the year".

And in events slightly closer to hand, SI will be unveiling a special Christmas treat sometime tomorrow, so if you can pull yourself away from the pudding and escape the charms of your senile old aunt, then parking yourself in front of SIGames.com would be advisable.