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Nintendo confirms franchise updates

Kirby, Kart and McCloud amongst others

Nintendo may have botched up Christmas in Europe, but the Japanese will certainly be smiling at news that they can expect Metroid Prime in February, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Wario World in spring, F-Zero GC in May and 1080 GC in time for the snow.

However there's good news too for Nintendo fans around the globe, as various sequels and franchise updates loom. Before the end of next year, Nintendo is optimistically claiming the Japanese will have Kirby's Air Ride (summer), Mario Golf GC (summer), Mario Tennis GC (winter), a new Starfox title, Pikmin 2, Animal Crossing 2, and Mario Kart GC. Conspicuous by its absence is Mario 128.

As we toast to Christmas Bust-A-Move tournaments in our cosy drawing room this evening, all we can say is that it's a vaguely happy Christmas for Nintendo fans after all, and we wish you a very happy Christmas from all here at Eurogamer.