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Grom demo released

The new Grinch? Or is it just another name beginning with Gr?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

CDV has finally released an English demo version of Rebelmind's new action RPG, Grom, a WW2-period game giving players control of up to five characters, including Colonel Grom himself, on a journey into the heart of Tibet.

CDV actually announced the demo release yesterday, but even today the yields no demo. However, you can actually pick it up from Gamesweb or 3D Gamers.

The demo focuses on the game's opening chapter, as Grom and his companions traverse the dangerous pathways of the Himalayans, fighting demons of Tibetan mythology and Hitler's henchmen.

The full game will see you attempting to stop the Third Reich from obtaining 12 mystical weapons hidden in the lost city of King Arjuna, over the course of seven chapters and in over 100 different locations.

As you can see from the latest screens here, the game is quite detailed and not too far removed, visually, from CDV's own Divine Divinity.

Grom is due out in the UK on February 7th, having already been released in Germany (complete with German demo).

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