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Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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What's New?

Less than a handful of games for the last week before Christmas

Last week may have been boring, but at least I got to write about The Getaway - a game so compelling that I finished it last night in-between doing actual work. Unfortunately for Disney Golf (PS2), Knockout Kings 2003 (Cube) and Scrabble 2003 Edition (PC) though, it's getting late in the year and we're really in a cigars and brandy kind of place - in other words, there's no room for a Mickey Mouse sports tie-in, a second-rate Rocky or a board game digitisation. They're fit for nowt but firewood.

If by some incredible stroke of unfathomable luck one of these obscure and unloved end-of-year releases is your future soul mate, then please, allow us to apologise. We're sorry you got lumbered with such a lousy life partner - want to come over and play Vice City in the warm glow of a roaring log fire? Goodo, we'll see you later.

Oh, you? You can go. Merry Christmas folks, and we'll see you for another 'What's New' in January.