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Alone in the Cinema

Infogrames flogs Alone in the Dark film rights

Infogrames has sold German firm Boll Kino the worldwide rights to develop Alone in the Dark for the big screen, as well as video, DVD, television, cable and pay-per-view rights for the film. Infogrames retains virtually no rights at all.

The first film shoot is due to take place in Vancouver next spring, with Dr. Uwe Boll serving as director and producer. This isn't the first time Dr. Boll's name has graced Eurogamer either - eagle-eyed readers will have seen his name in connection with the House of the Dead movie also.

Infogrames chairman and CEO Bruno Bonnell, clearly thrilled at the prospect of making some money, described the deal as a "collaboration between Hollywood and the gaming universe at levels never experienced before," while a more reserved Dr. Uwe Boll said he hoped to capture "the unique and frightening qualities of Alone in the Dark."

We haven't really seen hide nor hair of Alone in the Dark since the 2001 release of the occasionally acclaimed AITD: The New Nightmare that year, but with a rich history and a place in many adult gamers' hearts, the series is perfect fodder for a film.

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