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Hitman disrupts society engagement

Scandal! Second demo!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eidos is clearly very pleased with the success of its ruthless, bald-headed assassin stereotype, Mr. 47, because in a bizarre move they are trotting out another playable demo - this time charting 47's exploits in St. Petersburg on the "Invitation to a party" level. Your objective is to take out a General at all costs, but it won't be easy on such difficult, barren terrain packed with enemy guards. Nevertheless, for fans of the previous Hitman 2 demo who have yet to pick up the full game (you call yourself hitmen?), and for the uninitiated, this is another compelling reason to pick up Io Interactive's superb stalk 'em up. Don we now our slaying apparel, and head to FilePlanet, where the 58.5MB demo can be, ahem, retired.

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